Digital manifesto. Ideal for vacation

July 2019, article published originally in El Periódico de Catalunya

Digital manifesto

Ideal for vacation

In the following lines, I’ve compiled a list of ideas for uniting the on with the off.

Some are new and others I’ve explained in previously published articles. I hope they invite you to summer reflection:

  1. The more the world changes, the more we must go back to the source: listen to and understand what customers want.
  2. The ultimate objective isn’t to sell more, but to connect with the customer. Sales are a consequence.
  3. The great challenge is to integrate channels, not separate them. The companies that do it well are omnichannel in their way of connecting with their customers. They add channels, not take them away.
  4. With every interaction, consumers choose which companies to support: with their money, their data or their social capital.
  5. With digitalization, the shopping line is blurred: we shop 24 hours a day. Also in B2B.
  6. The twenty-first century retail equation: brand + end-to-end experience = value for the customer.
  7. E-commerce in B2B is much bigger than in B2C.
  8. Salespeople have a bright future, but they will be a different type of salespeople. A new race of salespeople is being born: algoriales (a cross between algorithms and sales).
  9. One of the trending topics in business is digital transformation. But we are frightened by the digital aspect when what should worry us is the transformation.
  10. There is a difference between digitalization and transforming oneself digitally. The first is giving digital tools to an organization. The second implies a different way of working.
  11. Companies digitalize. Professionals transform. Technology changes quickly, professionals slowly.
  12. Technology is important. Without technology your company won’t exsit in the future. But it’s not most important. It’s a facilitator for doing things differently. The term digital is overrated.
  13. Companies in general spend a lot on technology and little on helping their professionals transform. This is a mistake. The challenge for organizations today has to do with questions revolving around vision and culture, apart from digitalization.
  14. All transformation should answer two questions: one inward and the other outward: Why are we changing? Employees must understand why a company changes, believe it and get on board voluntarily. Who are we changing for? The market is who we must serve. If we don’t have that clear, sooner or later, your company will fold.
  15. Hardly any new jobs in companies result from digital transformation. The roles are the same as always, only the work is done in a different way.

So, turn off your cell phones and have a happy summer!


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