New book: See you at the supermarket!

“The supermarket”

Supermarkets also sell books now. You’ve seen it, right? This works great for me to introduce this already published book: “The supermarket,” of which I am a co-author.

The book presents an analysis of the current functioning of this type of establishments, in addition to a future vision. It’s a sort of treatise addressing every angle of the reality of these companies.

Published by Thomson Reuters Aranzadi, it’s the second book I’ve put out this year. This time it’s a collaboration: more than 60 authors have participated to compose this great book of almost 1000 pages.

My chapter talks about “the future of the supermarket,” I review the history of this type of establishment as well as present concepts relating to omnichanneling or new strategies for reaching users more effectively (such as hyperservice and servification).

I also explain why I believe Amaz-ona will be the supermarket of the future, meaning it will have the best of the Amazons of the world (on-proposals) and the best of the Mercadonas (off-proposals), and at the same time it will listen to users, offering them extraordinary service.

The book’s objective is to become a work of reference in Spanish, and at the same time serve to honor the more than 265.000 people working in companies of the sector in Spain.

For more information about the book or to read a preview, visit the store Thomson Reuters.


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