BMW: from “owning” to “living”: twenty years “driving” experiences

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July 2018, article published originally in HarvardD

BMW: from “owning” to “living”: twenty years “driving” experiences

Thanks to the advertising it has developed over the past twenty years, BMW is, probably, one of the best examples out there of experiential

marketing: it manages to make consumers “feel” they will experience something they never have before, without focusing its narrative on owning the product. Its

sensory marketing strategy began with a story: “Do you like
to drive?”, a campaign that surprised the viewer by appropriating the

concept of “driving” by advertising the “experience” of being behind the wheel of one of its cars. In this article

we explore the genesis of the idea “The pleasure of driving,” as the backbone of BMW’s success, and the key aspects that make their

advertising campaigns so effective almost four lustra after the emergence of what meant a new way to communicate a product.



You can read the full article (in Spanish) at HarvardD’s website.