How do 21st-century sellers spend time? Shattering myths

Cabecera Harvard DeustoHow do 21st-century sellers spend their time? Shattering myths
September 2016

How do 21st-century sellers spend their time? Shattering myths


Being familiar with the commercial activity of their company is key for any executive. The health of the business depends ultimately on the sales team. But, do general managers know what their sales team dedicates their time to?

Analysis is only part of a process habitually followed by those companies who, in a rigorous and professional way, wish to understand the state of their route-to-market. The differences between executives’ opinions and the reality of data can be surprising, demonstrated by the high rate of unfamiliarity these executives have regarding their sales force.

Five hundred route-ridings with sales teams on four continents, four industries, and thirty-five markets over 10 years allowed the author to respond to this and other cutting-edge questions, managing to shatter five essential myths for any General Manager.

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